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Get Paid To Transcribe

Get Paid To Transcribe hey John Christina here a once again gonna show you how you can earn a lot of money online let's make some money online folks I'm gonna show you in this video three different, ways you can earn thirty five dollars plus an hour just listening to audio and transcribing it and just writing it down it's all you, have to do just listen and write it down on the computer there's lots of work in, this field it's all crowd-sourced all of the jobs have moved to the internet and companies are begging to find people to work. With in this and it's great so I'm gonna show you the three best companies that you can find work listening, and just typing out what you hear in.

Just a second here let's get it oh hey there sorry I was just listening to uh you know music or whatever in making thirty five, dollars plus an hour no but it's a little more complicated than that you actually have to listen and, you have to type out what you hear and I'm gonna show, you three ways on my computer here let me go into this so the big trend that's happening is.

Crowdsourcing okay folks companies don't want to hire employees as much anymore there's a lot of reasons why there's liability issues you have to pay for office you have to pay for rent. You have to pay for food you have to manage them you have, to deal with people's emotions you have to deal with office politics you have to deal with all of these. Annoying aspects of having employees that cost a lot of money when using people from the internet which is called crowdsourcing just allows companies to pay for. Results now check this out and this is good news for, you because if you are looking to work at a home first off you could get my book the link is in the description it's called work at home secrets and scams, you'll find out about what are all the ways to work at home and also you can learn, about different scams to, avoid because there are a lot of scams that people sell is working home opportunities that aren't really working at home opportunities you know they're like, like fraudulent checks or it's like longer stuff like that right so you got to know what to avoid but for this I'm going to show you how to make money just.

Listening to music or listening to audio and making money so.

The three sites that you'll want to check out so let's start. With site number one so site number one is a site called scribbler scribe a or something like that and you'll want to look at that it's scribe e-comm you just, type this in right here okay and literally you just transcribe and you can make money so what you can see is, if we go down here you can look and you can see transcribers so you'll want to click this link that says transcribers, if you want to sign up as a. Transcriber right there trying to get companies you know right here to pay for their services but we're interested in making money from them so you'd go to this link that says, transcribers right here and it's a. Company based out of San Francisco and you would click apply now okay for a transcription test so as you see this site pays anywhere. From $5 to $25 per hour u.s. dollars okay that's how much you can make so they explain you a little bit about the service they. Explain to you about the transcription process tour review the proofreading, and the quality check how it all works right here so five to twenty five dollars per hour and you can also be an affiliate, marketer for this company which I am right when people sign up for it I earn like two percent commission.

Something like that so that's how I earn money and I have thousands of people I show how to work at home each, and every month but for you you can earn five to twenty five dollars an hour let's go into the. Second way that you can work from home listening to audio.

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