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Guidance on Change Management

Guidance on Change Management hello everyone! Parker, here, you OPM insider, sharing modern HR solutions to keep your agency’s mission on track. In this video, we will look at, new guidance OPM has launched that is focused on change management. Change can mean progress and new opportunities, but it can also bring about feelings of uncertainty and, frankly, fear., Change management uses a thoughtful, planned approach that maximizes opportunities for two-way dialogue between employees and management. Agencies. Are encouraged to communicate with their employees to keep them informed about the future plans, as they relate to their work and the, organization. When employees are concerned, it affects their quality of work, which may impact successful mission, achievement. That is why OPM has developed this guidance for change management. The guidance shows leaders, managers, and employees how to. Communicate effectively and evaluate engagement methods, as the workplace evolves through change. To find more about guidance for change management, make, sure to visit Thanks for watching, and be on the lookout for more helpful hints and tips from your HR experts at OPM. .

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