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How To Invest With NO MONEY Down

How To Invest With NO MONEY Down (upbeat music) – Hello, millennials and all generations. This is Millennial Money,featuring Robert Kiyosaki. I'm your host, Alexandra Gonzalez. You know Robert as the, best selling author of the number one personalfinance book of all time, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” But I'm happy to announcethat Robert just released his brand new book, “Fake:. Fake Money, FakeTeachers, Fake Assets.” You can get your copyby following the link in the description below. This topic was highlyrequested by you. Guys. So, due to popular demand,in today's Millennial Money, we'll be covering how to invest, with OPM or other people's money. Here's how Robert explains OPM. – It was a, long time ago- Yeah. – when I first started Millennial Money, and I made my usual wise-ass remark, “Only lazy people use their own money.” And. That's because I have spent much of my life raising capital. You know, today you havecrowdfunding and all that stuff, but the reason I had tolearn to raise, money was because I had no. Money. And so, if you read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” in there my rich dad.

Always said, “Never say I can't afford it.” And it was my rich dad and many of my teacherssubsequent to that, that said,, “Lazy peoplealways say I can't afford it. “I don't have the money. “That's why they're poor.” They have a poor mindset. So, instead of figuringout how to raise money, it's just really easy, to be a loser, and I call them losers. It pisses them off, becausewe all have the power, if we wanted to, to not be poor if we learned how to raise. Money. So, I hear, you know, andthe reason I get upset, I still get hot like this. (Alexandra laughs) My poor dad, my PhD Father,, he always said to me, he says,, “You know, I'd be a rich manif I didn't have you kids.” And I said, “Well, you know, dad, “it's not my fault you had kids.” You know, I mean, “You know,, I just can't affordit because I have kids.” And the more he saidthat, the angrier I. Got. So my rich dad, at age nine, he says, “Well, that'swhy your, old man's poor, “because he's lazy. “He thinks his PhD is gonna carry him.” He says everybody cansay, “I don't have money. “I can't afford it.” He says, “That's why he's poor. “He's lazy.” But, my father kept goingback to school, you.

Know, Stanford University,Chicago, Northwestern; he never learned any of this stuff. They still don't know it. Because most teachers want apay check, pension,, and tenure. They want job security. So the mindset is different. And that's what they teach the kids. – Next, Robert tells, usthe number one phrase that keeps people poor. Now pause, I want.

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