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Law Enforcement Officer Salary

There are approximately 700.000 law enforcement officers currently employed in the United States. All of these officers are paid by the OPM within a schedule called General Schedule.

The OPM has two General Schedule base rate tables; one for the law enforcement officers, and the other one for the rest of the federal employees working for other government agencies.

Both schedules are the same in structure meaning they have the same step and grade pay system. Just like the rest of the federal employees of the government, Law Enforcement Officers also benefit the Locality increase on their base salary.

How Much is a Police Officer Paid?

Police Officers have varying salaries depending on which locality they’re living in. But the locality rate can be sometimes so low or high that the salary of a police officer living in some locality maybe even double more than another police officer living in a different location.

The locality rate mainly depends on the financial, environmental status of the area. For example, a police officer who is employed in California state gets the highest salary in the country. Average police officer salary in the Golden State is $93,500 and the highest paying amount is approximately $115,000 which is so much higher than the average wage of a federal employee.

The environmental conditions have an effect on the locality rate of police officer salaries. Think about America’s last frontier, Alaska. Not so many people want to be employed in Alaska because of the harsh weather conditions and slower daily life. But the law enforcement employment has to be done anyway, so the salaries are a little high to provide better recruiting. An average police officer salary in Alaska is approximately $78,000 and the highest-paid wage is like $82,000.

You can check the OPM’s website or the links below for the locality tables showing both annual rates of Law enforcement unit salaries

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