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OPM urges churches to establish free schools

OPM urges churches to establish free schools opposed to achievers or senior general overseer Omega power ministry OPM advises churches to establish free schools to give access to indigent students in their various locations chin area made a call when he appeared at the news agency of Nigeria. In a new room in Abuja he said that there was need her religious bodies to be, more charitable and carried everyone along regardless of strasse in the society the churches more like the last resort for, every month if the.

Life is more of the last resort to able to to the common man I don't think the church is doing enough because by the grace of God in.

Every street in Nigeria you must have at least three touches we have more churches than even, industries by the grace of God OPM established one free school further that how do you, repair tomorrow today you repeat tomorrow today by repairing today and prepare for tomorrow maybe men understand what I'm saying, but let me explain now how do crime stats how do you stop this from happening lack of education, so by the grace of God if every Church like a bike never dies every judge in every stage of three judges four judges if every Church you, just open one free school crime who does drop to almost zero I'm not saying she run like opera operating.

In level three screws eleven frisco we're in our best coffees uniform is given flat for uniform you get a flow of charge free lunch free Sanders free school bag, free learning and or and so and so forth so I.

Must say sure on eleven fresh black opium just one if every stage of school school Frisco.

Feels good I'm telling you this boy's not grants I clean your glass no get the paper no good okay .

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