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OPM Wealth SCAM?

OPM Wealth SCAM? hey there Jeff learner here and in this video we are going to crawl through the funnel of this new business, I don't want to say that what it is because I haven't actually researched it yet but this thing I got an email to, called OPM wealth that I watched seventeen seconds of the video and I immediately just had this feeling of like you know what I, need to stop what I'm doing I need to hit record I need to, capture this normally I would have just clicked off and I wouldn't even watch it anymore but I thought hey you know there's an. Opportunity here to you know first of all give it the benefit of the doubt let's do the research let's go through the, funnel I will comment and tell you what I see what I observe as we go through it I haven't previously researched the, this business or this company whatever it is but I'm gonna document myself going through it the first time speaking to what I see I, have over a decade experience if this is your first video of mine, that you've seen you know feel free to research me but I have. Over a decade of experience being around all kinds of internet business I own an internet business education company called entre Institute this is our website right here so I do have a little bit. Of background I teach digital business I've been around digital business for over a. Decade and so I thought I'm gonna review this with a blank slate non-biased I'll just say what I think as I go but definitely the. Reason I was prompted to do that is because my my inner spider-sense was kind of twitching like this. Feels like one of those things so maybe hit record and let's document what we see because I. Know that other if I'm getting, an email about this it's probably some big viral thing that people are researching and this could be a, value for people so let's actually go back this is the email that I got again this is this whole thing is unprompted or unplanned and unscripted I'm literally I stopped myself 17 seconds into watching. The video and hit record. So I'm the research that I am gonna do as we go if I end up doing any I'll do it right here on the screen you can see what I'm seeing and I'll talk through. It but so I get this email on somebody's list I'm on like hundreds of lists you can. See I have one hundred and ninety thousand emails in my inbox, I'm clearly on way too many lists but anyway so I get this email it says updated income stats it's always a flag for me when somebody's marketing is just solely focused on, income you know they're up but I also get it, I get why people do it on the market or – you got to grab people's attention, and certainly if your goal is to attract people that are looking to make money online showing them how you know money that's actually been made online is a good angle so, anyway I see, this screenshot it's got you know pictures of the back office from different people I do see BTC so it's getting paid in Bitcoin that was something I was like oh well you know there's. Been a lot of cryptocurrency scams and and and kind of pyramid schemes online lately I know Bitcoin is the hot. Thing anything crypto is real sexy these days so I'm like okay so there's a some. Kind of an income program where that people are. Getting paid in Bitcoin let's let's research this so I come here watch the video and you know 17 seconds in let's back it up and I'll just hit play. And again I'm gonna talk I'm gonna talk us, through everything I'm seeing and thinking as we go hey what's up guys this is Stefan and I am like 2,500, feet up about like that in the northern part of Los Angeles on this kind of sunny smoggy day with my dog Lucy, okay so first of all let me say I wrecked I do recognize this guy I've seen him before I. Think he just said his name Stefan I don't know where I recognize him from but it's gonna maybe come to me but I definitely seen this guy before which doesn't mean anything. Except that this isn't his first rodeo he's. About to talk about his dog I'll come back to that in a minute but let's let what is right in front of me here where are you Lucy know you. Can see her or not she's tired she doesn't really have the way she did she's getting a little. Bit older now so anyhow I'm up here and by. Kind of disarming Oh random story about how his dog is aging and gets winded easily and it makes me feel like something's coming me over there you probably can't see, it but there is the five freeway and people use this Freight waiting to go up and down two from a job. Now me okay so literally it's pretty smart marketing he's up on a hill. Looking down on commuters physically and, metaphorically on commuters going back and forth to work all right see where this is going those people are probably going to a job that they really don't like and they're, still have to get.

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