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Retirement Counseling Tips

Retirement Counseling Tips hello and thank you for attending today’s webcast on retirement counseling tips My name is Joy Fisher and I’m Patricia Sapol and we are from OPM’s. Benefit officer development and outreach team We have an allotted time of one hour and a half for today’s presentation And there will be an opportunity to submit your questions for any questions that, you may have. You may email Benefits at and the subject line,, please add Retirement counseling tips so that we may address, your question during today’s presentation Our objectives today are counseling and retirement planning tips common causes of retirement delays and retirement resources.

We will explore key times in the federal career that are significant and optimal times. To maximize opportunities to educate our employees on their benefits and retirement planning tools We will also discuss the, most common items that contribute to retirement delays and how to reduce or eliminate those errors and Finally, we will share some. Of the many resources available for retirement planning As we will touch. On a variety of topics during today’s webcast we want you to have the references that are available from, the CSRs and FERS handbook The Code of Federal Regulations, and we will talk about a few of our benefit administration letters specifically, submitting a healthy retirement application package as you know the handbook the code.

Of federal regulation and BLS will cover everything from coverage Determining retirement coverage credible service how to, plan and apply for retirement and everything in between Retirement counseling is so important throughout the federal career We find optimal, times to retire to to teach our choice about retirement from the very start of their employment So from your new hire orientation? planning to key times such as Mid-career, pre retirement and the retirement eligible we continue to educate our employees. On their benefits and retirement Educating employees about their benefits is a career long process which provides them the Poison needful to. Set and reach their retirement goals this approach ensures that as life changes.

Throughout their federal career employees will be equipped with the knowledge and, tools they need to make sound decisions Employees, should be aware of the agents service requirements for retire the options to enroll and change their benefits and their insurances as life changes and how to navigate those tools and the resources, that are available to help them plan financially By identifying addressing these, educational needs during key points throughout their federal career We are equipping them and greatly reducing the anxieties that may come as they near retirement When, retirement planning is a part of the career planning process Employees would know how to build. A solid retirement base to which they can contribute Their throughout their years of their government service The agency is.

Responsible for providing that ploy and all inclusive presentation covering all of their benefits, and retirement planning tools As I mentioned the new employee is Although they’re coming in fresh and started and. Have a lot to learn This is a great opportunity to start them off and the right on the right foot with learning about their benefits and their total compensation including their benefits and retirement the newly. Employer Federal. Employee at this time. They are new hired after 2014 are.

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