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Should You Sign Up for Part B?

Should You Sign Up for Part B? if you are a federal retiree with access to federal employee health benefits should you still enroll in Medicare and if so should you enroll in Medicare Parts A, or B or both hi there if we haven't met yet I'm Danielle Roberts from boomer benefits for every month we get questions like these from federal retirees in this video we'll. Discuss the options you have when you're eligible for both federal employee health benefits and Medicare. Be sure to hit the subscribe button if you find the video helpful and stay tuned for some additional resources that I'm, going to give. You later in the video throughout this video you'll hear me refer to federal employee health benefits as Fe HP typically people with FH B don't need our help here at boomer benefits because they're Fe HP already provides, the coverage that someone else might need to get from say a Medigap plan and, a Part D drug plan however in recent years due to the expense of that VHB we've been getting more, and more inquiries about whether people should suspend their FHB and enroll in Original Medicare with a Medigap or Medicare Advantage, plan instead You certainly have those options as well as a couple of others if you're eligible for seh B here are some. Ways in which you can structure your benefits once you turn 65 and are eligible. For Medicare option one keep your fe h, v is your primary coverage and enroll in only Medicare Part A as secondary most people qualify for premium free Part A because either they or their spouse have worked during their lifetime and had taxes taken, out that have prepaid Part A this means it costs you nothing to add Part A and.

It may help you if you have any in, patient hospital stays so you could keep your fe h b as primary and enroll in Part A a secondary.

If you choose this option you'll save the money that you would have spent on Part B premiums but you'll pay your own co-pays for medical services out-of-pocket as outlined in the. FE HB summary of benefits this may include doctor co-pays x-rays diagnostic scans surgeries. Urgent care ambulance and so on so you'll want to weigh the cost of paying, monthly Part B against the cost of paying your own co-pays out-of-pocket another downside is that if you don't enroll in Medicare Part.

B when you're first eligible and later you want it you may be subject to a late penalty of 10% per year for every year that you could have.

Enrolled but waited option 2.

You can enroll in both Medicare Parts A and.

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